Hello, I am Victor (Tsquare07)

I develop/design websites, teach people about blogging, share my experience and research about online defense & show people the way into affiliate marketing

Something about me


Hi My name is Victor, but if you really want to impress me call me Tsquare. ��

I'm a proBlogger |Web Developer |Web Designer

& Affiliate Marketer, that have full passion about his work & career.


I'm the brains behind this website, also the fountainhead of ShootOut Now, and the co-founder of TEC Mighty Network, I love to write contents about technology, blogging, sport, entertainment, online defense against scamming and sometimes about crypto,


I started blogging in 2018, that is about 3 years away from now, I was a total novice but with loads of guts and curiosity, pass through a lot of hell destroying loads of data (GB) and cash trying to figure out what I can possibly do to make something come out of the shit I was doing, but yep it wasn't easy to make even a single buck, I have to read a lot of posts from experts in the industry, go through a lot of vlogs, take some courses and contact a lot of professionals, but after getting some advice, knowledge and experience I can say am a proud blogger, while studying about blogging I picked up an interest in teaching people about it, blogging within the space of 3 years, I met other newbies and loved sharing ideas with them, I mean there seems to be more fun for me when I tell them my secret and it worked for them, I feel good, and little by little, I slowly turned into an educator, someone that love to share his knowledge with his audience, someone who want other people to convert his mistakes to achievements, that's why I'm looking forward to sharing a lot of my experiences with you, but let me remind you, some of them are not good news, there are the bitter ones that make me even stronger, the ones that lit up the light in me, to ones the makes me want to always help! & help!! & help!!!, I believe you will take a good advantage from my mistakes and build your online life or career without having to pass through those same mistakes and problems.


I am currently creating a community that is fighting to bring down online scamming & fraud by hunting every necessary industry to unveiled the newly discovered tricks, steps & information used by con artists and scammers to swindle people off their cash and privacy, we want to build this for people for as small as nothing (FREE) so that everyone will be able to benefit from this, please we need some support and sponsorship on this project (TEC) to help innocent internet users like you and me stay safe.

Thank you as you voluntarily support this project.


For sponsorship Call +2348070454883 or Click HERE to email [email protected]


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Tsquare07 lead people into the world of blogging by sharing his long experience in blogging

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Get the the website you have been dreaming of, when we said 'you've been dreaming of' we mean every single word of it, you will have the design you have captured in your vision

Online Defense

Learn how to stay safe on the Internet

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Join my community of like-minded people, it is a place to connect with people that have the same special interest and Learn on the Go.

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Tsquare07 develop/design websites, teach people about blogging, share his experience and research about Online defense & show people the way into Affiliate marketing

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You can get your website/blog built to your taste and vision, Tsquare07's gift of curiosity lead brands to strategically, creatively, and vision based perfection, he strive for customer satisfaction by listening to every word you let out, so that you have everything the way you envisioned. We've already built flashy websites/blogs including this particular site.

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Tsquare07 develop/design websites, teach people about blogging, share his experience and research about Online defense & show people the way into Affiliate marketing

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Richard Roe

Richard Roe

UX Designer

Tsquare07 is an awesome content creator, you can definitely take him ahead of many five star content creator.

Legend Tv

Legend Tv


A very good developer.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Fashion Blogger

One of the best content creators I've met

Natalie McAllister

Natalie McAllister

Radio Talk-show Host

He is so fun to work with, his ability to learn anything so fast is just breathtaking